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Mayfair Elevators presents an innovative and exceptional residential elevator solution that seamlessly integrates into your home. Our elevators are specifically designed to assist you in maintaining your independence and staying in the comfort of your beloved home, even when navigating the stairs becomes challenging. Offering both aesthetic appeal and functionality, our home elevators provide an affordable alternative to traditional stair lift.

With Mayfair Elevators' residential solutions, your lifestyle can be significantly enhanced, providing a faster and more convenient means of moving between floors. Unlike stair lifts, our spacious in-home lifts can accommodate two or three individuals and even a wheelchair if necessary. There's ample room to transport everyday items such as a vacuum cleaner, and even your beloved family pet can accompany you on the journey.





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Residential Elevators: Watch The Home Elevator Benefits Video

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The Duo + Home Elevator is the perfect alternative to a stair lift or conventional hydraulic elevator. Capable of taking two passengers between floors in under 30 seconds, the Duo + offers freedom and flexibility that cannot be matched.

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The Trio + has an innovative design that can comfortably accommodate a wheelchair, while remaining compact and pleasant to the eye.

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Small Footprint

Mayfair Elevators' Duo Home Elevator boasts one of the most compact footprints among residential lifts, taking up less than 7 sq. ft. Its versatile design allows for installation at various angles, opening up countless possibilities for placement within your home.



Setting itself apart from traditional elevators, Mayfair Elevators utilizes a quiet, self-contained electric motor to power its lifts, eliminating the need for noisy hydraulics or vacuum systems. With a simple plug-and-play setup, our elevators do not require a machine room or external pump system.


Fast Installation

Our elevators are constructed with modular sections that can easily pass through standard doorways and ceilings, significantly reducing installation time. In fact, a standard retrofit can be completed in as little as one day.


Power Consumption

At Mayfair Elevators, we prioritize energy efficiency, and our residential elevators consume minimal electricity—equivalent to that of a dishwasher. Operating the Mayfair Homelift is as convenient as running any major appliance, as it can be powered by a standard dedicated 220 volt 15 amp wall outlet.


Unique Guide System

The load-bearing structure of our elevators relies on two parallel and vertical guides positioned at the center line of the lift. This ingenious design creates a self-supporting structure, eliminating the need for load-bearing walls.


Self Contained Drive System

Mayfair Elevators' Home Elevator employs a roped drum-braked gear motor drive system, cleverly housed within the lift itself. By consolidating all the mechanics in one hidden location at the top of the in-home lift, we ensure a sleek and seamless appearance.


It costs a lot of money to move house but investing in a Stiltz residential elevator has meant we can stay in the home we love..

Paul, 47

My husband is in a wheelchair and Stiltz’s lift has given him his independence back and changed our lives

Anne, 46

It’s absolutely wonderful and the elevator lift is very quiet too. My wife couldn’t be without it now. We’re very satisfied.

Don, 80

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